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Why Do Many Roofing Companies Fail

Have you ever wondered why so many roofing companies fail? It's not as simple as pinpointing one or two reasons. In fact, there are several factors that may lead to a roofing company failing or succeeding. In this article we will discuss why the majority of roofing companies fail and what Roofing GR does differently, so that we continue to succeed year after year, which is good for our customers and the warranties that we provide for their peace of mind.

Roofing Companies with Bad Reputations

The Roofing industry, by and large, has a little bit of a "cowboy" nature to it. There are bad roofing companies out there that are giving reputable companies a bad name. These are the "cheap" companies that are just looking to make a quick buck. Often they aren't licensed or registered to be performing the work that they are doing. They convince home owners and business owners that they are qualified to do the work, but then they provide a poor product or don't follw through with their promises. This is why you should always ask for license numbers and insurance information to be provided to you before you choose a roofing company to provide you with services. You want to make sure they are reputable and won't disappear over night with your money. Roofing GR will always provide our information, up-front, to verify our credentials.

Poor Customer Service & Satisfaction

Another big reason roofing companies go out of business in the first few years is because they don't treat their customers the way they should be treated. Being chosen by a customer is a privilege that Roofing GR doesn't take lightly. In fact, we pride ourselves on treating our customers like royalty. We want to offer the "red carpet" experience with each and everyone of the customers who choose us. We answer the phone when it rings, we respond to emails in a timely fashion, and we always follow up with requests for information. Many of the less than reputable roofing businesses do not do this and that is a reason that they aren't successful. If a roofer isn't answering your call before the work, imagine the difficulty if you have a problem.

Mishandled Financials + Cash Flow

Some roofing contractors go out of business because they don't know how to properly charge for their services or how to balance their books. There are a lot of different expenses that a roofing business has to pay, like insurance, equipment costs, salaries for workers and so on. If you receive a quote that is lower than other quotes it may not be as awesome as you think because that business may not be charging enough for their services. While this will be a windfall for you in the short-term, over the long haul that roofing consultant may go out of business and not be able to honor their warranty for years to come. This means that you will have nobody to call and hold responsible if there is ever an issue with your roofing services or the roofing materials that were used on your home. Don't fall for the trap of the lowest bid. It would be a nightmare!

Poor Quality of Craftsmanship or Work

Poor craftsmanship and low quality roofing services is one of the easiest ways for a roofing company to go out of business. If customers aren't satisfied with the level of performance that a roofer is providing, those reviews will catch up with them. One of the biggest lead sources for a roofing business if the world of mouth, referrals, and reviews that they receives. This is why Roofing GR always asks our customers to leave us an honest review after we finish their roofing services. We hope that they will share their excitement with the rest of the community, so we can help their friends, family, and neighbors when they need roofing work done on their residential or commercial properties. Avoid the roofing companies with the low reviews for their poor quality of work because they are likely to provide you with spotty work and may soon be out of business, too.


Honorable mentions for poor quality of work or poor craftsmanship also go to:


Ghost Insurance - Roofing companies that say they have insurance, but aren't able to afford it because of the high cost of always having to file claims. These companies pretend to have insurance and lie, which leaves you high and dry when it comes time to have to file a claim.


Low-quality roofing materials - Roofing GR uses high-value materials like GAF roofing products, but some roofing companies will use the cheapest and lowest quality materials that they can find. The types of roofing companies that would use these low-quality products are only looking to turn a quick profit on your back and then skip town. Avoid this!


Untrained or Unskilled Roofing Contractors - Let's face it, there is a lot of pennies being pinched by trying to avoid hiring knowledgeable and skilled roofing contractors to perform the work. This comes in the form of cheap labor and roofers who don't know what they are doing. Some just picked up a hammer and will be out of the industry in a few weeks. Do yourself a favor and don't hire a roofing company to provide your roofing services if it's their first day on the job. Ask how long they've had their roofing crews and how long the tenure is for their average roofer.

Avoid Roofing Companies with Internal Conflict

Some crews just don't know how to get along and get the job done in a professional manner. They will show up and take their t-shirts off, cuss and swear around your kids, blast their vulgar music, and argue out loud amongst themselves. This is a nightmare scenario that we have heard about too many times. In some cases, these are the same types of roofing crews that will be drinking or smoking marijuana while they're supposed to be working on your roofing project. This doesn't inspire a lot of confidence and is a big reason why roofing companies go out of business.

Hire Roofing GR to Avoid These Pitfalls

Roofing GR is very careful about the roofing contractors that we hire. We have a thorough screening process and hire only knowledgeable and skilled roofers. We work to provide a pleasant experience by treating our customers like royalty and behave like professionals should. You can trust that we use high-quality products and consult with our customers on the type of materials they would like us to use on their home. We are communicative, responsive, and work to do our very best to provide our customers with a 5-star experience EVERY TIME! Please do yourself a favor and choose us for your next residential or commercial roofing project. We will prove to you why we are an award winning roofing business that continues to grow year-over-year in throughout Michigan.

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