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Does a Metal Roof Affect Cell Phone Service

While there may be a lot of controversy surrounding this answer, the short answer to the question, "Does a metal roof affect cell phone services" is no. Metal roofs don't interrupt or impact cell phone reception at all. However, that is a little bit of a misleading answer because metal roofs do amplify existing disruptions that may currently exist. Which means, if there is a minor current disruption to cell phone services that is present, a metal roof will amplify this disruption and make it worse. Let's explore all the ways that a metal roof may or may not impact your cell phone service reception.


All Roofing Materials Can Affect Cell Phone Services

Before we exclusively blame metal roofs for affecting cell phone services, it is important to note that all roofing materials, from asphalt shingles to clay tiles, and metal roofs can cause blockages of cell phone reception. Even thick wood can prevent certain RF signals from being able to freely enter a building. Almost all thick roofing materials has some kind of affect on the penetration of RF signals, which will disrupt cell phone services. However, its also important to point out that even standing under things like bridges and highways can cause the same or similar types of disruptions to cell phone service.


How Metal Roofs Affect Cell Phones

As previously mentioned, metal roofs done actually do any hard to RF signals by themselves. They do, however, amplify already existing disruptions that may already be present. Think about the times you were in a grocery store or another location that had a metal roof. You probably recall that your phone didn't work very well. This is most often caused when there are nearby utility towers because the metal roof amplifies those tower signals. The roof acts like a giant metal shield which makes the existing interference completely block out all the radio frequency signals that your cell phone needs for proper use. So, it isn't actually the roof causing the problem, it is the proximity of the towers acting like s super forcefield.


Wi-Fi signals May Also Be Affected

Cell phone coverage is not the only issue when dealing with roofing materials. Metal roofs and all other roofing materials have a general impact on Wi-Fi signals that you are able to receive at your home, too. Metal roofs, in this case, cause what is called "attenuation", which is the amplification of electricity. Radio waves are either reflected, absorbed, or bent when thehy come into contact with metal objects, such as a metal roof. However, depending on the frequency of the signal, the size, and the shape of the metal object, this can have varying degrees of impact. There are multiple ways to solve for these types of disruptions like installing additional routers, amplifiers, and other devices throughout your home to increase signal strength.


Satellite TV, Dish, and other Technology Impacts

Did you know that your roof may be causing minor disruptions to your satellite TV, dish TV, or other streaming technologies? Just like your Wi-Fi and cell phone services these technologies rely on waves of information being sent through the sky. The thickness of your roofing materials, what your roofing materials are made out of, and your proximity to towers all have an affect on the strength of signal you are able to receive. Though you may want to think this is exclusive to having a metal roof, it is not. To some varying degree all roofing materials will impact your ability to receive an uninterrupted signal.


Most Common Causes of Signal Problems

Alright, so we've discussed at length that not only does your metal roof not really impact your ability to have a signal in your home (because it's actually amplifying the closes tower to your home), but that all roofing materials are going to have some affect, small or large. So, what are the most common causes of signal problems in your home? The top two reasons why you're most likely having signal problems are:


1. Poor coverage in your local area - there may just be bad coverage by your carrier in the area where you live that is preventing you from having a stronger signal.


2. Some kind of geographic barrier, like trees, mountains, or some other physical blockage.


A few suggestions to find out which of these may be causing the weak signal in your area would be to do some research on where your carrier is located, the types of towers or distribution mechanisms your carrier has in your area, or switching carriers all together. The best way to get information would be to speak with your carrier directly and ask questions.


Improving Cell Phone Service with a Metal Roof

As pointed out above, all roofing materials have some kind of affect on cell phones. So, don't let the loss of a few bars stop you from getting the roofing materials you really want for your home. There are ways of improving cell signals with any type of materials you choose. For example you can buy and install a simple repeater system, which is a signal amplifier and broadcasting system that you can set up in your home to improve reception. it works as a mini tower with an antenna that amplifies the RF signals that are available. Specialized cell phone boosters are also an option, although many of these types of options force you to have to plug your cell phone into the device before it works, so we recommend the repeater system if you do want to try to amplify your cell phone signals at your home.


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